A little about the Executive Community Leadership Training

The training consists of 6 modules that run through the course of about a year (give or take).

The first five modules are given for 2 weekends every other month (that is 6 days). So for example Module 1 will be given on two weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and then participants will have about a month before they start the second module and so on.

The idea is: after taking a module, participants will be given three assignments to do, taking the course, their personal experiences and their organizations into consideration. The training mainly uses a reflective practice approach where much is expected from participants.

Participants will also be given additional readings to enrich their learning. We believe that participants take the training for a reason and not just a mere certificate and we want to see that in every step of the way, which brings us to Module 6.

Module 6 (which is your practical placement) starts at the end of the second module. Participants will be assigned with supervisors from AAU and the partner University of Sweden (JU/HLK) who will be guiding them. Participants will be expected to try and apply their learning from the training into their organization and reflect on the experience and put it as a form of a portfolio. Then, at the end of the training program participants will be presenting their placements and hand in their portfolio.

The training uses a unique approach where there are a lot of practical exercises and games in addition to theory sessions.

As a result of this training, participants discover that they are capable of much more than they are aware of.

Read some of our participants’ reflections here.