The Department of Management

The Department of Management is the pioneer of management education in Ethiopia and one of the oldest departments in AAU, established under the umbrella of the then college of Business Administration of the Addis Ababa University. The Department is currently under the College of Business and Economics located in the former Faculty of Business and Economics campus at Sidist Kilo.The Department has been a reference for management education and side by side supplying the country with trained manpower. To this end, the Department has been contributing in capacity building of regional universities as well as in educating their teaching and research staff.

The Department has been offering a PhD in Management in collaboration with Jönköping International Business School, Sweden since 2013. In addition to the MBA program, the Department has introduced an Executive MBA (EMBA) program that is tailored for and intended to enhance the capacity of executives that have managerial experience. It also runs MSc in Management with three specializations; namely, 1) Quality Management and Organizational Excellence, 2) Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, 3) Transportation Management with possible double degree from its German partner University (University of Applied Sciences, Mainz Germany).

As of this year the Department also started MSc in International business with four specializations; namely, 1) Strategic Investment Management, 2) Import-Export Management, 3) International Agribusiness and Value Chain Management, 4) Small and Family Business Management. Besides its existing main stream curricula, the Department has extended its programs by designing tailored training programs to accommodate the trained manpower needs of specific sectors. To this respect, by considering the pivotal role the Civic Society Organizations play for national transformation and appreciating their special needs, the Department has started offering a 10 month double Executive Community Leadership post graduate certification program together with Jönköping University of Sweden since February 2018.

Aside from the academic programs the Department of Management offers, it has been running the quarterly Executive Idea Exchange Forum since December 20, 2012 and rekindled a quarterly publication called “Management Insight”. The forum complements the department’s Executive development programs and promotes management excellence in the country and beyond by bringing together the private and public sectors, management professionals, the academic community, policy makers, and development promoters. The Idea Exchange has created an opportunity for dialogue, reflection, analysis, and collaboration that has reinforced the national development endeavors and fostered networking and partnership.

The Department currently enrolled 684 students in total. This figure consists of 23 PhD, 347 MBA, 119 EMBA, and 195MSs students that are enrolled in the regular and evening programs.