Background of Department of management

Establishment and current Dean

The Department of Management is one of the oldest departments in AAU, established under the umbrella of the then college of Business Administration of the Addis Ababa University. The Department is currently under the College of Business and Economics located in the former Faculty of Business and Economic campus. The Department is under the leadership of the college dean,

The Department of Management has recently completed a major curriculum revision process on general management. Several circumstances impelled an intense review of the existing degree offerings, and resulted in changes to the curriculum that had been essentially unchanged for some years.
Revising and developing this curriculum was driven by the following key objectives. The foremost of these was an interest in providing a curriculum that would meet stakeholders’ needs. An additional factor was an expressed interest on the part of Universities and government to maintain or increase enrollment on an aggregate basis. This naturally trickled down through the various universities’ organs and was reflected in this response.
With the implementation of the new Educational Policy of the country, starting in the 2003/2004 academic year, three year curriculum has been developed and it is being offered to students that have been admitted from preparatory programs.  In the preparation of the curriculum, as per the instruction of the Universities and Ministry of Education, a discussion was made with universities that offer education on management filed.
When the current management curriculum was designed, attempt was made to integrate suggestions from various stakeholders. Suggestions from these sources indicated that new courses emphasizing computer skills, human resource management knowledge, communication skills, and leadership skills would be desirable.
The rationale behind developing nationally standardized Management curriculum was thoroughly explained as follows.
Firstly, Management is a crucial element in economic growth of a country. It brings together the factors of production: money, machinery, men, methods, markets and material to enable the country to experience economic development. A country with enough capital, manpower and other natural resources can still be poor if it does not have competent managers to combine and coordinate the resources.  In the words of Drucker “without management country’s resources of production remain resources and never become products”. Management is important for learners because of many reasons. Of which these are some:

  • Our society depends on specialized institutions or organizations to provide us with goods and services.
  • Organizations are guided by managers who allocate resources and have responsibility and authority to manufacture safe, to declare war or peace, to build cities, to keep the environment clean

Second, Managers create jobs on one hand and products and services on the other hand.
In light of the conditions stated above, contents of this curriculum have been determined on the basis of previously done curricula,  based on survey, benchmarking and information inputs gained from resources provided by the Ministry of Education on curriculum development ( specially, Bologna countries).
Among the lessons acquired through benchmarking is the development of curriculum by using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Model developed by Kaplan and Norton (1996), and curriculum design based on The Association to Advance College Schools of Business (AACSB) requirement.
The BSC addresses four value drivers of organizational performance which graduates are expected to manage in the future, namely:

  1. Financial Perspective
  2. Customer/Stakeholders Perspective
  3. Internal Process Perspective
  4. Learning and Growth (future) Perspective