The program is aimed at producing graduates that can have adequate knowledge, skill and attitude towards application of management concepts. Specifically:

  • Capable of making rational decisions to solve organizational problems and manage conflicts.
  • Capable for initiative and innovation
  • Critical and independent thinkers
  • Capable of analyzing the organization as a total system and align with its environment
  • Capable of searching and developing opportunities as well as tracking problems, and able to face and respond the challenges of today’s and tomorrows highly complex and competitive environment
  • Capable of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of all types of organizations
  • Capable to competently manage the marketing, human, finance, operations, materials, information resources, etc. of organizations
  • Responsive and effective in working with and through others by developing an understanding of common goal
  • Conduct research and consultancy service in management and related areas and offer training for those who are in need of it
  • Capable of understanding the legal, social and ethical responsibilities associated with the management of all types of organization
  • Capable of using information communication technology in utilizing and managing organizational resources
  • Capable in using and maintaining professional commitment required in the area.